Monday, June 17, 2013

2012 | February 18-21: Singapore


for the photos (stop motion, yey!) jump to 11:38 :)


Remember this post I posted on February 2012? I'm gonna re-post it..

Singapore All The Way~

I'm gonna post some pictures which I took on Singapore last Sunday to Wednesday :)))))

Day 1: Rebel Supergirl
           Location: Science Centre Singapore

Childhood Bracelets + Malioboro Street Leather Bracelets
Denim Jacket; Lea, Supergirl T-shirt; songosongo, Low-waist Jeans; Lois, Blue Sneakers; Nike

Day 2: I Heart Neon and Denim Dress
           Location: Singapore Merlions

I decreased my bracelets, so it didn't look too much :}

Denim Dress (belt included); online shop, Black Legging; unbranded, Turquoise Malindi; Crocs, Purple and Green Scarf; unbranded, Wayfarer; unbranded

Day 3: Double Denim-Checkered Oscar
           Location: Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa



Checkered Pink see-through Shirt; Guess, Oscar Cream T-shirt; songosongo

Day 4: Blurry Buzz Lightyear with Orange!
           Location: Changi International Airport Singapore

Orange Ripped Scarf; Majalah Gadis bonus, Buzz Lightyear long-sleeve T-Shirt; songosongo
You write a wrong title? Actually, no. Yes I wear Buzz Lightyear T-shirt, but you can't see it, sorry :(

I think I have to add more photos.. 

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